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Kfarag 2 days ago


The perfect meal for breakfast or lunch (it usually serves as both for me) Add steak medallions.... Best eaten when your 4 and 7 year old girls are enjoying the Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancakes.

Heckvahlmaskell 15 days ago

Plate of Prosperity

My favorite breakfast - I order it every time we come in! Can't wait for everything to reopen and we can start our weekly visits back again 😊

Martinkimi11 2 months ago

Carrot Ginger Soup

This Carrot Ginger Soup was the perfect yummy soup to sip outside on that sunny and cool first day out after a rather brisk, wet winter. Also my first time at The Naked Truth and went back a few days later. Great people, food and atmosphere! Thank you for the delightful day!

Lilym4 3 months ago

Cafe Latte

I tried the Sesame Ginger Glazed Organic Tofu, the Rosemary Potato Hash, annnnd an iced mocha latte with a pump of mint added! The food and drink was all DELICIOUS! The tofu was especially amazing. As a vegetarian with vegan tendencies, I appreciated the options!

Krissaelsaden 3 months ago

Wild Blueberry Pancakes

I had blueberry pancakes, eggs and a side of fruit! I've never been here before but I was getting my breaks done next door but now this will be a staple In my restaurant choices! Thank you!!!

Sddumbeck 4 months ago

Green & Red Pagoda

My go-to order! The combo of flavors and textures is a party on your plate. The house vegan sausage is to die for and the sauces, fresh avo, perfect runny eggs and that incredible toast make this an inimitable Naked favorite! I always sub the greens for potatoes for the best breakfast ever! Naked Cafe will always be our #1! Love LOVE the servers, love the food, love everything about it!!! I can't say enough good things!

Jasmine 4 months ago

Matcha Latte

I had a matcha latte that was absolutely amazing! Super creamy and not too sweet. The location of this cafe is absolutely perfect. It is right across the street from the beach and a park. I come by to pick up a drink and occasionally a quick bite and head over to the beach to walk around.

Rachellyncpbb 4 months ago

Golden Fairy Dust Latte

I love this drink! I've never had anything like it anywhere else. It's lightly sweet and delicious! It's my favorite item on the menu.

Chikichiki 4 months ago

Plate of Prosperity

My plate was just that full of Prosperity, I love all the excellent mixed flavors on my quality ingredient food. So much delight for my lunch!! Excellent food experience!

Jilbaldi 5 months ago

Dual Delight

This is is incredibly great, my entire family loves it & we've been ordering it for at least 10 years now! Sometimes we get all chicken but either way it's crazy delicious, we all crave it! And the rice on this dish is out of this world and I don't even like rice, but this one I could eat everyday, what I wouldn't give for the recipe! Perfection!

Janeraejean 5 months ago

Red with Envy Mimosa

Needed a relaxing drink from having a long week and tried this great drink called the Red with Envy Mimosa. It was a mimosa of pomegranate with lemonade and it was very delicious. Not too sweet and not too sour, just right really. We mostly liked where we were drinking the mimosas. Naked Cafe in Point Loma is a cute, friendly little bistro off of Midway. It was busy, but we were able to find a couple seats right away; very quaint. We felt welcomed. The decor had a vegan/gluten free kinda feel to it and the art on the walls were just great. It was just a pleasant environment for a couple to enjoy the morning or for a small group to catch up. Food was good too, but my BF was disappointed no one was actually naked. You win some, you lose some.

Grsilver1 5 months ago

Peanut Butter & Jam

Delicious,simple recipe!!!

Jdorius 5 months ago

Sunshine Latte

Best cup of tea i have ever had!!

Jdorius 5 months ago

Carrot Ginger Soup

This soup is amazing!!

Monique 5 months ago

Banana & Blackberry Pancakes

Absolutely phenomenal! One of my favorite things on the menu and always hits the spot. Gluten free ones especially.

Stacy 6 months ago

Plate of Prosperity

I have not stopped talking this place!! Not only was Ruby an A #1 server and hostess to me and my friend for lunch the other day, but I absolutely loved all the art in the wall, the other super nice team who worked there and THE FOOD!! The green tea, I chose the iced option - thank you, Ruby :), was so delightfully flavored. I cant wait to have it again. The Plate of Prosperity was an obvious choice based on what an amazing, blessings-bountiful day I was having but litte did I know the ingredients would marry so well together!! High quality products, high quality service and HIGH quality taste!!! Winning!!! See you all soon!!!

Trishtls 6 months ago

Pink Lotus Mimosa

Super yummy mimosa! This has been my fav place for over 10 yrs!! Great food, awesome vibe and the sweetest staff! A must stop!!

Snakebite1051 6 months ago

Crispy Burritos

Been looking for a good vegan restaurant and I found it. Casual and great atmosphere. The workers can't get any nicer,helped me customize my order I subbed tofu for eggs this was the best burrito I've had in along time can't wait to get back

Johnharper 6 months ago

Artichoke Scramble

The food and support team are outstanding. We drive from Temecula to Carlsbad regularly just to visit Naked Cafe.

Bcarroll7 6 months ago

Goddess Wrap

Love the freshness of all the food here at Naked Cafe! Carrot ginger soup is our fave, and I tried the Goddess Wrap today. I will definitely be getting the wrap again! I got the food To Go, and my server Robin was really great, taking care of our order and going above and beyond. Thanks, Robin!!

Bayleigh 6 days ago

Golden Fairy Dust Latte

Heaven in a cup, love the cinnamon

Jjandro 24 days ago

Coconut French Toast

This is the best french toast I have ever tasted. I took my girlfriend here and every time she visits we go to Naked Cafe to get the french toast at least 2-3 times! Can't wait for them to reopen.

Jenny 2 months ago

Naked Mocha

The item I wanted to select wasn't available on the dropdown so here's my story: My sister and 3 year old niece live a few hours away. When they come to visit Aunt Jenny (me) we always go to Naked Cafe in Carlsbad. It's our family tradition! We order mochas (my sister's is regular, mine is decaf with almond milk, my niece gets hot cocoa but we say it's a mocha). We always ask for the chocolate chip bread! In the fall, we love when it has pumpkin. Then, we order our respective meals but this is how we always start our time with Naked Cafe. The mochas are so delicious, rich and creamy, without being overly sweet. They can customize them and they always go well with anything we order, especially the chocolate chip bread :)

Sarah 3 months ago

Oceans Blue Latte

Beautiful & comforting drink. I enjoyed the color, as well as the size of the mug. The flavor was smooth and enjoyable.

Hunkermatt 3 months ago

Pesto Scramble

Wow! My wife and I are big fans. Between the 2 of us we bounce back and forth between the Pesto Scramble and the Plate of Prosperity👍. Both dishes, and the Buff Burritos 🌯, let's be honest are Amazeballs! Thank you Naked Cafe for serving up some incredible food and hospitality. Cheers, Matt and Amy Hunker

Rodriguezash15 4 months ago

Crispy Burritos

Food was great! I love that the jalapenos are raw instead of cooked. Added the perfect crunch. The mimosas are also pretty good and staff was super friendly and fast.

Savoringwithsarah 4 months ago

Coconut French Toast

Naked Cafe is tucked into a corner of a shopping center in Point Loma, which is a bit hard to find in the parking lot there, but just be patient and go around the lot slowly and you will find it. Upon walking into Naked Cafe, you feel like you're in some sort of zen garden minus the actual plants. The walls are painted green and they have music going on in the background that makes me think of Bob Marley. My husband and I came with my parents and siblings, but we were first to arrive. Since we were a large group, we combined two tables together. But then the waitress said if we needed a third table we were more than welcome to add it as well. This was very useful as we had a wheelchair in our party and those take up a lot of space! I really liked how extensive the menu was. There was a variety of food that meat lovers, vegetarians, and even vegans could all enjoy. It's basically a one stop shop for all types of eaters. I ordered the coconut french toast and a side of potatoes. The coconut french toast was delicious. I love anything coconutty, so whenever I see coconut on a menu, I need to order that item. There were coconut flakes embedded into the toast and the flavor wasn't overpowering at all. Make sure to add the syrup onto your toast as it brings out more of the coconut flavors in the toast. My husband ordered a blueberry pancake and OMG I have never had pancakes that good in my life. I hate pancakes, I don't enjoy them. They're always too dense or dry, but these ones were fluffy and moist without any syrup which I really enjoyed. It is a good breakfast spot to hit up.

Winereflectionssd 4 months ago

Green Heart Quesadilla

This dish is one of my favorites! It's full of flavor and pairs nicely with the black beans and salsa. Either of their morning quesadillas are the perfect go-to menu items or mix it up and try the fuzzy monkey pancakes or the plate of prosperity. YUM!

Jenniferbportr 5 months ago

Goddess Wrap

I get the Goddess Wrap or the Yin and Yang (vegan style) every time I come to this cafe! Both dishes are absolutely delicious and so flavorful. I live within walking distance of Naked and find myself craving their food quite frequently. Chill and cozy atmosphere with kind and genuine servers :)

Marcus 5 months ago

Artichoke Scramble

The absolute tastiest menu for breakfast/brunch in all of San Diego! Also, the nicest staff at the Solana Beach location! Love Naked Cafe.

Sunsprite3 5 months ago

Green Heart Quesadilla

My own heart is now green with envy of anyone who lives close enough to a Naked Cafe to have this quesadilla on the regular! Flavors are perfectly balanced and the portion is just right!

Heckvahlmaskell 5 months ago

Crispy Burritos

Our family's favorite restaurant. We come weekly! The food is amazing and the staff is even better! We've been working our way through the menu and have yet to be disappointed.

Jdorius 5 months ago

Sesame Ginger Tacos

Absolutley delicious!! Enough for two!!

Marynkids33 5 months ago

Buff Burritos

Very good and tasty Love the natural clean food here At the Naked Cafe!

Finleychow 5 months ago

Artichoke Scramble

I tried the artichoke scramble and a blue planet latte for lunch. The staff was happy to switch whole eggs for egg whites as requested. Everything was delicious and the latte almost too pretty to drink. Will definitely be returning for mimosas and brunch!

Haley 6 months ago

Naked Mocha

So delicious

Homersmithwick 6 months ago

Green & Red Pagoda

I love this restaurant. I have eaten here on multiple occasions and have always left with a smile on my face. I have them substitute bacon onto this item and it's absolutely amazing. I would eat it every day if I lived closer!

Johnharper 6 months ago

Fuzzy Monkey Pancakes

I have been ordering Fuzzy Monkey's for several years. Thanks for sharing!!!

Sjimenez 6 months ago

Fuzzy Monkey Pancakes

These are delicious! I catered for a holiday celebration last year and they were a hit, gone in no time. They are moist with a flavorful spin of many flavors combined of fruits and crunch perfect combination. The catering team are awesome over the phone going over our menu for the day and in person great customer service.Last year was my first time trying this rare find of delicious foods. I had to stop by in person and fell in love with the pumpkin chocolate bread, ate it up with oat milk yummy!

Madams1951 6 months ago

Coconut French Toast

Full of flavors! The location is awesome. The restaurant very quaint, very clean, SUPER staff! Can't wait to come again with my family⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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